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About Sidesist

Hello there,

My name is Elaine Chen and as you can probably tell, I’m the one behind this website. As a passionate home cook who loves to rustle up a storm in her kitchen, I like experimenting with recipes from all over the world. But no matter how much I explored, I could not find one website or cooking blog dedicated to side dishes that are often such an important part of any celebratory or family dinner spread.

So I took it upon myself to make one and that’s the idea behind

My website is dedicated to dishes that provide the much-needed “side assistance” to the main spread. I curate unique lists of side dishes from different cuisines around the world in my quest to make your time in the kitchen easy.

I do not make up the recipes myself – the lists are a result of hours of research and hard work, driven by my passion for cooking. I hope you enjoy reading these lists and the recipes are of assistance to you. Stick around for more!

about sidesist